26 May 2008

Addicted to Giveaways

Two entries in one day is a first for me, but i decided this was a good cause. Lol.
Jo at Home Sweet Home is having a give away with a known prize and a mystery box. Who wouldn't be intrigued. Take a look and have a go.

Weeks Come & Go

I am in awe of those bloggers out there who manage to post an entry in their blog every other day. I don't know how they do it. I keep waiting to finish a project or have something interesting happen so I'll have something to say but it takes too long.

So............ even though i haven't finished anything, i have managed to make some progress and keep busy.

This past week :

  • I have been diligently working on my Butterfly Garden mini blocks and now have 1 to do, 1 to finish and 1 that needs re-doing (not that it's that bad but enough that it will bug me if i don't do it again ).
  • I also signed up for my first blog based swap. The pincushion swap hosted by Linda at All Stitched Up.
  • My eldest daughter turned 11 ( wow only another 18 months and she'll be starting highschool !)
Unfortunately there are no new photos to share but here is one from the archives.

This is a wall hanging designed by Christine Book and Danielle Carey called Beneath our Southern Sky. I was feeling very homesick (and patriotic too) a lot of the time we were living in Switzerland so this was my attempt to bring some Aussie-ness to our apartment. I managed to get it about 3/4 quilted before we came home to Australia and of course that it how it has remained. I really should add it back on to my "things to finish" list.

14 May 2008

The Call of the Wool

Opps i did it again!

I've gotten side tracked, but i don't mind. It was nice to have a change of pace. This little fellow is Fuzzy Lamb designed by Fuzzy Mitten ( there are some really cute designs). He was pretty quick to make. Which was surprising since it's been years since i have done any knitting.
The reason i started with the wool thing is Mel the monkey from The Stitching Room. He is very cute and i needed a starting point to see if i was up to the challenge. I think i'll do ok, but a monkey will definitely be more then a 24hr project.

On the weekend i managed to get lots of sewing done. .......the only perk when DH has to work Saturday and Sunday! I made a start on my 3rd block for Butterfly Garden and pieced all the little mini blocks. I still have to finish block 2 but i felt like having some quality time with my sewing machine. And it paid off.

They are looking very bare without all the appliqué and stitcheries but it's a start.

08 May 2008

My Butterfly Garden

Today we had our 3rd Butterfly Garden class with Leanne at Foothills Fabric and Thread. It is mind boggling how varied the blocks were when we had our mandatory show and tell. Leanne couldn't help snapping a few photos which will appear on her blog shortly.

I feel a bit sheepish owning up to taking the easy path and staying very true to Leanne's original quilt. Especially when you see it made entirely from black and white fabric with splashes of orange as contrast! But what can you do when what you want and what Leanne has made is one and the same. Maybe I'll be adventurous next time.

I think my blocks have turned out a little brighter, but a lot of the fabrics are the same as those in the original.
The 2nd block is practically finished, only 2 mini blocks to go and then i can start on block 3. It would be great to have all three blocks finished and sewn into a row by next class. All going smoothly this month, that will be my goal.

The ladies at Foothills must think i am rather mad at the moment. On top of doing Butterfly Garden i have signed up for a class to make a flannel QAYG ( sort of) quilt and have just purchased backing fabric for a Swell jelly roll quilt ( that i haven't even started yet ).

I did say i wasn't going to add to my list of things to do but since I've never made a flannel quilt before i let this slide and the backing fabric is for a quilt already on the list so that's ok too.
Oh dear, i really am a quilting /fabric addict !!!!!


05 May 2008

It all makes sense

I now understand why i am having trouble focusing on the project at hand ...... i can never find anything !!!

Once upon a time, in a country far, far away i had a lovely little sewing room, it was white and boring but it was all mine. I could organise my goodies and easily locate that necessary piece of fabric or button or thread or anything i needed to use. However since getting back to Australia chaos has followed and it doesn't look like departing any time soon. The photos do show my crafty supplies looking somewhat organised but this is spread over four rooms and doesn't include the pile of books and mags under the bed.
One of these days the Granny Flat will morph into a wonderful studio but I've decided to stop holding my breath ..... it's just giving me a headache.

This mess was brought to you by me and inspired by the likewise dilemma of Robyn at Happystitches.

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