24 April 2008

Finally Finished

It's amazing what can be achieved after you spend the weekend with an inspiring group of fellow quilters.
The gathering was the Autumn Quilt Camp organised by Karen of Mrs Martins Quilt Shop. It was a wonderful weekend full of great company, fantastic food and of course lots & lots of sewing. I definitely want to sign up for the next one! Hmmmm i wonder how i'm going to break it to the DH?

Anyway all those ladies working on their different projects gave me the little push i needed to finish something that has been hanging around for YEARS. Something that should have been finished and SWAPPED before returning to Australia. However due to my silly habit of getting projects 90% finished and then stopping because i didn't want to ruin it at that point, it sat and waited for the handles to be attached!

I haven't sent it yet because of the guilt factor!
I have to find some suitable "forgive me" items to include in the bag and then i shall be done, it shall be mailed and i can wipe it off my list once & for all.

Hopefully i can put my wicked ways behind me and make a fresh start.
No more projects collected this year!!! Only thing is, that doesn't mean i can't start new ones, if i already have the projects kitted up ! **G**
Which means i CAN start :-
Summer's Bouquet
Nice People, Nice Things
My Swell Jelly quilt

I just hope there is enough time in the year!

16 April 2008

I adore quick projects

Ok so maybe what i just made doesn't really qualify as a project, but I made it so it does still give a sense of accomplishment.

These are Ready Threaders for which a tutorial was given by Flower Garden. They are very simple and quick to make. Some of the ladies in my area had them at past sewing days and i had really wanted to make one too, so when i found Annie's blog it made the whole process much simpler. Thanks a lot Annie for your instructions.

11 April 2008

Kreative Kids

Just as the school holidays were coming to an end my often charming , sometimes frustrating daughters decided it was a good time to start a little sewing project, as you do.
They had picked up a scrap bag from Foothills Fabric & Thread from which Tash was able to make a Melly & Me Sangsang.

Liv was inspired by some polka dot material that could only be one thing -- a dress for a Minnie Mouse. The majority of this doll was drafted and hand sewn by Liv. Opps , i just realised that poor Minnie is without her lovely polka dot dress. After a quick search Minnie is nowhere to be seen---hmmm, she is prob at school with Liv. Oh well, I shall have to take another pic later .

While they did their thing i got to do mine.
Block 2 from Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark free stitchery BOM.

Only one more week 'til Autumn Quilt Camp and i still don't know what i want to work on. I really should be a good girl and do my Butterfly Garden but i have Gail Pan's Summer's Bouquet ready to work on too. Decisions decisions.