29 February 2008

Renovation rescue me

Renovating is hard work !!! Even harder for my dear Hubby who is doing most of the work !!!

It all started two weeks ago when we started stripping walls of hideous chunky stucco, wood paneling and outing a out dated and useless bar. The poolhouse / granny flat is destined to be a usable guesthouse and more importantly my own little studio . *****Happy Dance*****

So far there is plaster is on the walls, but no painting or actual floor in the entrance area. The kitchen hasn't been ordered, there are no curtains or window dressing of any kind and it needs a new door ( preferably French).

Hopefully i will be able to post a pretty "after" picture in the very near future, the very very near future, as we have friends visiting from Switzerland in the middle of March. Oh dear !!!

Bye for now.

08 February 2008

Thank you All

It is lovely to have such a friendly greeting. Thank you for all the encouraging words. It makes me want to do well , so that your messages are not in vain.

I had a fairly productive day (although it probably wouldn't rate in such a way with my dear hubby). I had a lovely time visiting my good friend Lynda , dividing up some fabric we each bought from Lily Patches in Boronia this week, for which i have a few ideas already.

As an extra highlight i finished my 2nd last block for the Joy of Life quilt by Rosalie. I can actually see myself finishing this quilt, which will make such a pleasant change from my usual habit of simply adding to my UFO pile! I had hoped to have all my blocks finished before i started on Leanne's Butterfly Garden next Thursday.....hmmm......my chances are getting slim. I hope hubby doesn't except me to do lots of gardening this weekend !!


06 February 2008

Happy Camper

I am feeling very lucky indeed. Today i received a call from Sandra of Foothills Fabric & Threads to tell me i had won a prize in the Fabric Frolic. I can't remember the last time i won a prize. It's very exciting. Although i am also very thrilled to have been selected by Melly & me ( Mel and Rosie) in their 2nd round prize comp for the Dolcetto bag i made. Although, the actual prize went to an inspiring 14 year old lad i feel honored none the less. The pic above is of the lovely goodies i was given as a F.F. prize. Thank you to all the shop owners and their sponsors. I am already looking forward to next years frolic.
Hugs Nic

05 February 2008

Kitty Bliss

There's no disputing it ....Cats love fabric too !
Bodhi is in his happy place, he is close by to me whilst i sew and he is able to relax amongst the piles of fabric. Of course the down side for me is the long fur that manages to get almost everywhere ( i would choose a semi-long haired puddytat ).

01 February 2008

Huge Learning Curve Ahead

Here i go attempting to join the blogging set.
I really have no idea what i am doing but i guess things will get easier and start to make some sense soon. Fingers crossed.
I have to tell you i am feeling a little silly. Sitting here composing a letter to the ether. But i do love to sew and create even if i am not the most consistent when it comes to finishing projects. Adding a few pics of those things i have completed should spruce up the place no end.

By for now.