29 October 2008

Duckie update and more

As i had anticipated yesterday the duck family have moved on. Fortunately they left via the creek, a perilous venture, but safer then any other alternatives. At least now i can concentrate on more then just their antics and well being.

I have finally completed my Stitchers Angel gifts. Wow, with a whole 2 days to get them in the post - at least thats how much time i think i have ! They will soon be off on a long trip overseas.

All i need now are some Aussie treats to send with them. I hope my swap partner likes chocolate!

28 October 2008

And Mumma duck said Quack, Quack , Quack !

But only 10 little ducks came back !

Sadly, one little duckling didn't make it through the night. He could have fallen victim to any number of predators but most likely it was an owl. We often see them out and about in the evening.

Chances are the duck family won't be staying with us too much longer. They are taking longer and longer strolls away from the safety of the pool, and may soon be ready to take the kids for a swim down the creek. It would be the safest way for the family to leave our yard, any other route would put them in constant danger.

Yikes ! They're heading towards the lane besides our yard. I can't take this kind of worry !!!
There are so many dogs and cats that roam in our street.

Panic session over ( for the moment ) they have decided the pool yard is a safer place to be.

With our very cute guests here I rushed off this morning to get a battery for my other camera so i could zoom in and get some pleasing pics of all their goings on, but the rotten thing is showing only a blank screen. A known fault apparently. Not happy !!

Anyone got a favourite SLR camera they would like to tell me about. I think i'm in the market for a new one!

27 October 2008

Forget the magpies.... BEWARE THE DUCKS

I had an unusual sight greet me this morning as i glanced at our pool ( extremely loose use of the word ). A family of ducks !!!! Now ducks are a common sight on or beside our pool but this time they were not alone !!!!! At first i thought, cool, five little ducklings, how sweet. But no! Mummy duck has eleven little ones to look after !!

It looked like Mummy, Daddy and babies were doing fine until it was time to take a dip. Now Mum and Dad have no problem getting in and out of the pool, but the 14 inch leap the ducklings would need to make is a bit excessive.
So this is were the warning comes into it. No matter your intentions wild ducks just don't get it. I decided the only way to avoid mass duckling fatalities was to step in and help. Daddy duck took serious offence to me coming between him and a stranded duckling sitting in our pump intake thingie. He gave me a very loud hiss and a good flapping at which was very impressive and a little unnerving. Very glad ducks have bills instead of pointy beaks.
However all ended well. I managed to fashion a ramp out of a plank of wood and added a step inside that intake thingie ( I'm not big on the lingo) if that makes any sense. After a few hit and miss attempts all the ducklings managed to evacuate the pool. I just hope they remember how to do it next time too.
Hmmmmm, this really puts the brakes on our pool cleaning for summer.

Last weekend i took myself to Wagga to visit some of my family. It was really nice to get away and spend time with my parents who i rarely get to see.

We had an outing on Sunday with not a child in sight. Involving a trip to the Wagga Art gallery to look at a collection of old local photographs, an ice cream in the park and a visit to a local nursery for some seedlings. All in all a relaxing afternoon. Above is a pic of my parents and 2 of my sisters.

Here is somewhere our resident ducks would be much better off. If only it wasn't 5 & 1/2 hours away.

13 October 2008

Such a lovely weekend

Great food, wonderful company and fun projects make for a fabulous day.

Saturday i was fortunate enough to attend the Glen Harrow Stitch-in with Rosie and Leanne where we had a perfect day full of stitching....... no cooking, no cleaning and no kids looking for their lunch. Pure bliss.

I managed to finish the stitching on Rosies project on the day and then pieced it together today...... It's nice working on smaller items that are finished quickly.

To make a great day even better........ i was lucky enough to win a prize. Five super pretty fat quarters. ******** Big big Grin *********

( I also had a great prior weekend watching Casey Stoner ride to victory in the MotoGP at Phillip Island --- Yay Casey !!!!! )