07 September 2009

A promise is a promise.

I have been busy this past week working on some long overdue PIF gifts. Although they are not finished yet, completion is just around the corner. Here is a little peek at how they are looking so far.

I know it doesn't give much away, but then i wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for the intended recipients. I just hope they like "pretty and girlie".

05 September 2009

Time Flies

I feel like such a pseudo blogger. It has been so many months since i posted anything. But i have been busy, starting to work and sewing too.
Recently i took part in Maree's Paper Bag swap and here are the results.

For my swap partner i decided to make a journal cover and a little matching bag. I had lots of fun working with the fabric Lorraine sent, as it was a bit funkier then what i normally use.
Edit : I forgot to mention that both of these were slight variations on the bag and journal cover designed by Bloom.

Here is the pretty Tea Cosy / Coffee Plunger Cosy that Lorraine sent me. A great excuse to go shopping for a cute little tea pot. Thank you Lorraine and Maree.

Last night i was lucky enough to attend Gail Pan's book launch at Foothills in Tecoma. It was a lovely night and of course i went home with a book that Gail kindly signed. Now i just need to work out which project i shall make first.