29 March 2009

About time i climbed back on the horse.

I don't know where the last month went, but it has been done and dusted.

Mind you i wasn't sitting idle as it went rushing by.

  • I had an impromptu trip to Wagga Wagga after my mum had a heart attack ( all is ok now, she has recovered well and is getting on with being an amazingly strong and determined woman ).
  • And I am now about 8 weeks through my Aged Care course and all is going fine ( one more week and then we have school holidays - good time to do more reading on Dementia ).
  • I even managed a little sewing. Thanks Shiree for the nudge.
A simple little apron based on the tutorial by Still Dottie. It's not the sexiest apron but i think it has a cute Holly Hobbie kind of flair to it, in a practical sort of way.

This weekend we made the most of some lovely weather by doing some gardening. It's amazing the difference a little pruning and weeding makes.
After a trip to Bunnings i even have the start of a decent herb garden, IF i can keep the plants alive. And in true Murphy's Law style, after cleaning up one section of the garden i found that i had Basil all along. Doh !

Have a lovely week everyone.