15 March 2008

Slowly but surely

The renovations i mentioned a few weeks back are progressing slowly ..... very slowly. The flow is being hindered by the mayhem that is being uncovered as we go. Basically, if there was a wall that possessed a 90° angle at a corner i would be amazed. My DH has had to become very creative in both his carpentry and plastering.
All this renovation has left no time for sewing! I am feeling extremely stressed and deprived but at least a visit to the Monbulk Quilt Show today gave me a little quilting release. It was a nice, friendly little show with a diverse assortment of quilts and a killer lucky dip. I think i might have been a little greedy buying 3 lucky dips but the money was going to the CFA so that helped ease the guilt and i am very happy with my little bounty of treasure.

Today my number one son departed really,really (not so) bright but rather early on a 2 week camp to central Australia, as did Gail Pan's son( opps i can't remember how to create a link) ( boy was DH envious !!) . Apart from giving me an early wake up call for the quilt show, his leaving has left me in a bit of a state. Every little thing brings Sam to mind, almost to the point of needing a camp parent support group. I really didn't think his leaving would affect me like this, but it has and this is only a 2 week separation !! Hmmmm.... maybe some sewing would help ease the anxiety !!

BFN not F



Lynda B said...

Sounds like you need a hug and a cup of tea with me!! Can you take a couple of hours off to come over, Wednesday maybe?? As far as the camp thing goes, the 2 weeks will fly by so fast, truly it will. That picture is SOOOO cute!! Why oh why do they have to grow up???

Gail said...

2 weeks will fly by...I wonder how they are?? I must admit it is very strange without No1 son.....nice to catch up at the quilt show...