30 March 2008

My Weekend

This wasn't an average weekend for me. It involved a a trip to a nearby town that i hadn't visited since i was about 13, a visit to a lovely patchwork shop and a face to face meeting with a busy blogger. None of which was important to my DH since his focus was picking up the motorbike and car he had just bought , both in need of some TLC.

Our destination was Ballarat, and it was incredibly cold and somewhat wet. I got a little bored waiting for DH to sort out his purchases, but found the rain a lovely diversion. It made the most mundane views look like something out of a Monet painting. Ok maybe that's a stretch , but it does look pretty neat.

Once the boring matters were taken care of i got to visit Ballarat Patchwork. A very lovely shop with a fantastic range of bright fabric. I settled on a few FQ's for my Melly & Me Silly Bunnys that i am planning to make for some expected bubs. I think they make a very pretty little rainbow.
While i was at the patchwork shop i met up with the lovely Rachel. I have shopped with Rachel on eBay for many years, so it was nice to finally be able to put a face to the name.
(Rachel --Thank you for making the trip to the shop so we could meet.)

I had a brief moment of guilt over my fabric purchases but that didn't last long. I figured they were fair compensation for a bringing me along so that i could tow his motorbike home on a trailer. Actually, with the stress this caused me he got off very lightly.

The purchase of the bike worked out pretty well for me on Sunday. DH has been so busy cleaning and fussing over it, that i have had plenty of time to sit and sew. Enough time, that i was able to finish my last Joy Of Life block . YAY!! With just a few "loose ends" to finish off, it'll soon be off my to do list !!

PS : On Friday night Number One son returned from his Central Australia Camp. By all reports it was a huge success, with all those who took part forming closer friendships. What a great way to start the senior years of high school.


Lorraine said...

Your Joy of Life block looks great! I have them all but have only finished three - I am really enjoying the needleturn applique and they are on my "to do next" list. Have just created my blog and have been enjoying the experience! I don't think I would have enjoyed towing a trailer in that weather either...the things we do! LOL

Lorraine said...

Thanks for joining my PIF Nic..will contact you later for your postal details - off to Adelaide for my daughter's uni graduation and some serious shopping at DJ's....

Lynda B said...

The block looks brilliant, now find that border fabric I cant wait to see it all together. The fabric from Ballarat is going to make lovely bunnies. See you Wednesday!!

Christine said...

I love your Joy of Life block. Would love to see the other blocks.