10 May 2009

It's nice to be spoilt occassionally.


I hope you are having a day as lovely as mine.
Poached eggs on toast and presents galore........ a CD, a book and a Wii Fit (very cool).

But it's been so long since i have blogged anything longer then a paragraph and i have so much i need catch up on.

A PIF gift from Marica.
A redwork cushion from Rowena.
And how my Aged Care course is going.

This is the lovely creation that Marica sent me recently, along with the lollies that did not last very long at all. She looks wonderful sitting on my table looking after my sewing tools.
As i said in my last short blog - i need some people willing to play the PIF game. I already have Shiree and Diane playing with me, but i need another 4 folk who want to join in. If you know of anyone who might be interested please point them in my direction.

Here is the terrific and pincushion that Rowena sent me as part of Maree's redwork cushion swap. The cushion has made my lounge room much prettier and looks perfectly at home sitting on our sofa.
I still haven't heard if Rowena has received the cushion i sent her at the end of April so i will have to wait a little longer before i show you what i sent.

The Aged Care course i am enrolled in is quickly nearing completion. Only 2 more weeks in the classroom and we are off to do our work experience. To say i am a little nervous would be a major understatement !! I am terrified !!!
I think if i keep repeating my mantra i will be ok.

This too will pass, this too will pass, this too will pass.

Well it works for birthday parties at the local roller skating rink and is worth a try.


Shiree said...

lucky you... what a lovely redwork cushion, redwork always looks so good huh...

Stina said...

So lovely gifts.. :o)
See that Maricas gift reached you..it so lovely..:o) and the red work cushion is just gorgeous.. love it.. :o)

Tracey in CT said...

Nicole, I'd love to do another round of PIF! Add me to your list if you still have slots, and I'll post on my blog tonight...Thanks!

Ludmila said...

Hallo Nic!
Ich finde deine Sachen, die du machst einfach traumhaft und wunderschön!
Viele liebe Grüße,