28 September 2008

Tagged and released.

I have been tagged by Julie at Simple Stitches , and while i am not going to tag anyone else ( because i am shy and retiring) i thought i might try and come up with 7 random things about me.

1. I had a tattoo and have had serious thoughts about getting another.
2. I am the youngest of 5 girls.
3. I hate trifle.
4. On the weekend i am off to the MotoGP on the back of hubbys motorbike.
5. I am a softie for frogs.
6. I really, really like Turkish Delight
7. I am very much a morning person.

Not very exciting, but as i said i am shy and retiring.

My Swap Bag arrived safely...Yay !

Last week the bag i made for Linda's Bag / Bucket swap arrived safely in California. So now i can reveal more then the little sneak peeks i was giving previously, as well as the little extra gift i sent for Rhonda.

I used a bag that my sister made for me years ago for inspiration and two Rosalie Quinlan stitchery designs for the outside pockets.
As an extra little gift i made Rhonda a little softie. She has been named Mindy and was a delight to make. Mindy is designed by Tone Finnanger and is from her Sew Pretty book.

12 September 2008

It's been a good week

I can't believe that it is already the 12th of September, however considering we have had two birthdays this week i really should know that without thinking too hard.
On Tuesday it was my dear hubbies 38th and the following day our big boy turned 16.
Wow, time really does fly !

Last week ( ok on August 31st ) i was the lucky winner of a pattern from Willow Valley Store in Cathy's 10000 visitor giveaway. I went for another bag pattern ...... you can never have too many bags.

Then yesterday my bag from Linda's Bag Swap arrived. My swap partner was Bonnie from Calamity Janes Cottage

Bonnie sent a lovely bag, in the colours i love and she included a great little zippered pouch (complete with chocolates) , a gorgeous froggy brooch and some lovely mags. Wasn't i spoilt ?!

Today i sent off my bag for my partner XXXXXX in the X.X.X. I had lots of fun making a special gift to go with the bag , something that is very fitting for my swap partner when you see her blog. Unfortunately the only pics of this gift are on Lynda's (BozzyBlog) camera so you will have to wait to see what it is. If Leanne Beasley happens to read this ... yes i got her made and sent and i reckon she turned out very nicely to boot, i just hope she behaves herself on the long trip.

I thought i would get in on the act and find some pretty flora to photograph. What do you think ?