31 January 2009

Quiet times

I don't know what happened to January but it's almost over! I vaguely remember New Years Eve, Australia Day and shopping for school supplies but the rest is just a blur.

It's hard to believe that in less then 2 days the new school year starts here in Melbourne and it's not just the kids going back to school. I'm starting an Aged Care course, which will hopefully lead to gainful employment come June or July. Its been a long time since i have been the student, so please, wish me luck.

Jo Jo is having a giveaway for her 100th post giveaway, so to qualify for entry i have a few pics of some sewing related things i can't do without ( Am i in time Jo Jo ?? )

A space of my own to be messy and creative.

A stash of favourite fabrics.

A my favourite books on hand.

I just wish there was more time in each day so i could sit and sew to my hearts content.

14 January 2009

I Feel Loved

Today i received my Pay It Forward gift from Granny Loz and i feel very spoilt ( and well fed ).

Lorraine sent me some very yummy dried fruit from Angus Park, the wonderful local dried fruit company in Angaston and a very cute little tin featuring cherries.

And as the PIF gift itself, a gorgeous little wallhanging with beautiful neat little stitches and an awesome mesh pouch.

To make this a green present, Lorraine even sent all these goodies wrapping in a calico bag, also from Angus Park.
Thank you Loz , for your lovely generous gift. It has really made my week.

Now it is my turn to ask 3 people if they would like to receive a gift from me some time in the next 6 months . All you have to do in return is promise to send a handmade gift on to another 3 people as per the concept of the movie "Pay It Forward".
If you would like join in please leave me a comment and let me know. First in (and second and third), best dressed.

02 January 2009

One Project a Month Challenge

Welcome to 2009, the year that UFOs, WIPs and WISPs will be finished.

Well, that is the plan anyway.

To help maintain my enthusiasm and momentum in this task i have decided to join in on Kris's (Tag Along Teddies) and May Britt's (Abyquilt) challenge.

The idea is to complete something each month, be it a new project or one that has been on the too hard pile for months or (gulp) years. The full details can be found on their blogs.